Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ten things I've learned in the last week

1. When a sound guy mentions BGM, he is talking about background music.
2. Adrenaline makes you un-hungry.
3. Not going to the gym (combined with the adrenaline un-hungry thing) makes me lose weight fast.
4. Singing with a group of music people is heaps of fun.
5. When choosing songs for church, if you really want your people to sing, you should think radio pop music rather than classic fm. Sing a song heaps, then retire it quickly.
6. SDAs are kind people. (The ones who lent us their hall at the last minute, anyway.)
7. When recording, getting your vocalist to sing the same line 60 times is not unreasonable.
8. Not all electric pianos are equal. (Most are bad.)
9. Great things can be achieved with a Macbook, an electric piano, an external hard drive, some decent software and a microphone.
10. You should all get to a twist conference. (I already knew this one!)


  1. 3. Loose? You have loose weight?
    8. Oh, yeah. I spent my high school years playing a grand piano once or twice a week. I find it hard to abide anything with less weight (and an electric cord) than an upright now! Most people don't understand how inferior the electric imitation of a piano is!
    10. Wish I was in a different space in my life and I would have been there! We had a nice report back at church from those who went, though. Good job!