Wednesday, June 16, 2010

something I found out today

Preps annoy me.

They are too needy.

Often their parents are also needy.

It takes them far too long do the most basic things.

When they say they have to go to the toilet, you have to let them go - just in case - even if you think they're fudging.

Some of them suck their fingers and then want to hold your hand.

They don't do silent reading by themselves.

They don't do anything by themselves.

They cry if they don't get picked for a game.

They cry if a year 7 teacher has painted his face blue for an alien thing.

And sometimes they just cry.

I'm unsympathetic. I don't care enough.

Give me older kids.


  1. My husband teaches teenagers. When he took them on an overnight trip to another city he came home thinking it was much better than the little kids he had at home - that you don't have to worry about toileting teenagers, for example!

    I take it, Simone, that you aren't planning to have any more of your own - or is that different to teaching a bunch of them?

  2. I can tell my own kids to get over themselves, not to whinge, not to cry for no reason, and not to interrupt the story at the crucial moment with complaints of being thirsty!

    (Of course my kids still do the first three, but never the fourth (which is the biggest crime as far as I'm concerned!))

    If God over-rides our up until this point successful contraceptive measures, we will have another child. The main problem with today's class was that I didn't know them. By the end of the day I almost liked them. The snot and neediness (and they were a particularly high maintenance bunch) slowed the growth of my affection for them. Most classes I like by 10.30.

  3. Hehehe - and this is one of the reasons I don't have kids [another being that God hasn't over-ridden our measures ;-)] - I just don't have the patience for babies.

  4. I remeber when I was transferring from one school to another once, sitting at the phone in the deputy's office for half an hour trying to dial the number of my new school and then hanging up before the call could be connected. Eventually the deputy came in and dialled the number for me (I guess, on reflection, he wanted his office back) and made sure I spoke to someone at the other end before leaving the room. Why? I was terrified my new principal was going to tell me I was the new year one teacher! What to do then? I wanted to sound enthusiastic for my new boss but I didn't want to lie...