Thursday, June 17, 2010

Death Raids (by Joel)


“Quick get into the bomb shelter!”

Tom was a young twenty two year old knife sharpener. Well, that was before the war. Now he is a gunner. Will was a bomb maker, but he quit that job because the factory he was working in blew up. He is also a gunner now. Tom is yelling directions everywhere because the captain is dead. There's blood and gore everywhere. Will falls into a pit. Tom is watching from above. Bombs drop into the hole. Tom shuts his eyes and runs around like a mad man. There are bombs blowing everywhere. The poor people who step on them will be blown to bits, but Tom had no time to think about that. All he can think about is getting away from the crazy bombs. It looks like a mad kid had built a castle of guts then blown it to bits with fireworks.

Suddenly a storm of gun bullets fire: rat-tat-tat-tat-tat! Tom trips then falls into a hole full of guts. He swims to the side but before he can get out a bit crumbles and falls away. Then he sees Will with internal bleeding and his guts flopping out. Next he sees a man with a blood red bayonet. “Argh!” he screamed and shot the man.

The man had blood all over him. Johnny Turk hops out with a machine gun, firing like mad. Everyone is falling to the ground then, BANG! Tom is hit. Flopping to the ground, he feels nothing at all. For a moment he thinks he is dreaming, but then, no, it is too bad for a dream. He is not dead, but then, POOF! Smoke goes everywhere, then sparks. Men all round him are on fire. There are flashes of light everywhere. OOF! Tom falls in the pit. This time it's a pit of blood. But the blood goes boiling hot.

“Fiery hell!” Tom screams as the back blood goes bubbly.

Tom just gets out in time, then BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG.

Blood! His blood.


  1. Andrew wondered if he had been sneaking out and secretly watching Pacific!

  2. A castle of guts!

    Fiery hell!!

    Go Joel!