Saturday, June 12, 2010

the cat came back

One of our favourite teachers is retiring this term. This is our contribution to her farewell.


  1. Oh my. I didn't expect you to actually do it! It was just my way of saying I had no idea what they were singing except for picking up the occasional "cat came back". But the subtitles are great.

  2. The subtitle suggestion was good. I know the song so well I couldn't tell if you could actually make out the words.

    [But imagine if I made a comment about a sermon of yours 'It was lovely... I couldn't understand most of it... but it was still nice to hear you preach!' - it felt a little like that!

    My choir will perform this on Friday - with the animation on the screen and the audio to give them more volume. I'm hoping the school admin don't realise the violence and pull it at the last moment. Kindof thinking of not showing it to them till the day...

  3. That's the sermon feedback I get when I preach at my home church!

    I'm sure the song will work fine. I could work out what they were singing through the animation.

    And yeah, don't let the fun police ruin it. Might be best to keep it on the down low.

  4. I have /never/ heard that tune to that song. Was it one that you made up or one that you knew from elsewhere?

  5. There are a few slightly different versions. Pretty standard, I think.