Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Favourite Ahlberg Books

Ben is posting on Ahlberg, so I thought I would too.

Allan Ahlberg is my favourite children's author. I get sick of most other stuff, but never Ahlberg. His stories are funny and cutting and delightfully well written.  I never enter a P-3 classroom without at least one of his books.

Here are my favourites.

The whole Gaskitts series is brilliant. Picture/Chapter books. School settings. Fast paced action, interweaving plots, subtle and fun language, and a different supply teacher in each book - Mrs. Doom, Mr. Cruncher.... So so so funny. Not many shops have them, but they can be ordered in.

1. The man who wore all of his clothes
2. The woman who won things
3. The cat who got carried away
4. The children who smelled a rat.

Suspense, action, a villain, a hero and, not many words! Chuck out most other things to make room on your shelf for the Fast-Fox, Slow-Dog series.

Slow Dog Falling
The Hen House (wonderfully scary!)

Chicken, chips and peas
The mother hen mysteries
Chickens in the snow

I think they're out of print, but grab one if you ever see it.

This one has it all.

Have you read them?


  1. I've read none of them. Just Peepo (brilliant), Each Peach, the Jolly Postman and the Jolly Postman's Christmas.

    Thanks for the tip. We love the Ahlbergs.

    My favourite author is Bob Graham. Rose meets Mr Wintergarten has the best illustration of any children's book that I've read (when Mr W opens the curtains). He leaves space in his stories for imaginations. "Let's Get A Pup!" Said Kate is fantastic too. Although we've got it in both hard cover and paperback and the paperback is lacking the first page which is crucial.

  2. Haven't read them, but thanks for the tip. We're off to the library tomorrow morning and I would love a break from all the Beast Quest and Deltora Quests we've been seeing lately...

    Sorry I didn't get to say hi to you at TWIST, every time I started to head in your direction, someone else got there first! I really enjoyed the day though!