Sunday, May 30, 2010


June looks set to be a fantastic month.  Here's what's on for us:

Tuesday 1st - My choir has its debut performance - Close Every Door. We are performing for 200 year 4-5 RE kids (Trying hard to link everything I do at school with RE or church!)

Friday 4th - Philip P flies in from the UK, Kristi from Sydney. Get ready for Twist. Dinner with friends.

Saturday 5th - TWIST Brisbane!

Sunday 6th - Church music day in Rockhampton

Monday 7th - Recording up some of our musical

Sunday 20th - School Fair. Our church is having a fairly high profile role. Should be fun and hopefully worthwhile.

Wednesday 23rd - Teacher farewell. Choir performance with animation behind (This is my baby. I'm working with some year 7s).

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th - Twist Away Sydney (you should come to this!)

Tuesday 29th - Holidays! We are driving to Canberra then down into Victoria (near Bright). We hope to see some snow!

Does life get better than this?


  1. Does life get better than this?

    Yes. A trip from Melbourne over the ditch to Tassie.

  2. Sounds much better than mine.

  3. Planning to hang out with your Victorian rellies at all? Maybe we could come up to the snow for the day!

  4. Jo - Yes! You should all come!

    Wendy - July might be better for you.

    Al - Would be nice!

  5. Cool! When do you get to Bright? We are moving house around then, but should be able to work something out!

  6. We are staying in Harrietville from Sat 3rd till Sat 10th of July. We'd be happy to see all Vic family!

  7. Bright is certainly pretty in October - hope you see snow!

    See you on Saturday. :-)

  8. Actually I'm betting on August, not July.

  9. Great, Simone. I'll talk to N & C about it - maybe we can find some accommodation and stay a night. I've never been to the snow in Victoria!!