Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We got to Dubbo and decided to stay for a couple of days and do the zoo.

Anything else to do while we're here?


  1. Don't miss the howling monkeys

  2. The number of times we've driven past that zoo on the way to Brisbane or on the way back down south...
    It's been going forever, it must be good, mustn't it?

  3. Go home via Lightning Ridge, Home of the Black Opal - enjoy the hot bore baths (free! - at least they were when I was last there in 1998) if you can get a spot with all the grey nomads from Victoria who move there for 6 months, and check out a tour through an opal mine.

    mgpcpastor - yes, it's a great zoo and if you're lazy you can drive through it rather than walk it.