Tuesday, June 22, 2010

twist away is this weekend!

I'm running the songwriter's strand with Michael Morrow.

We are trying something new - an experiment in collaborative songwriting. 15 of us working on the same song. I think it will be a really useful teaching exercise. None of us will be able to be too precious about our ideas.

The most people I've co-written a song with before is about 6. The Bible Alphabet. If I remember rightly, there were tears over whose lines made the final cut...

I'm very much looking forward to working with Michael again. We haven't written together since J is for Jesus. And that was a fantastic experience of collaborative writing.

You really should come to twist away this weekend. The corporate singing times last year were one of the most fun I can remember anywhere. I'm sure registrations have closed, but you can always beg. Go on!


  1. Hi Simone - we sang your song 'Never Alone' for the first time at our little church on Sunday. It went really well and was so moving - your words are very powerful. Hope this collaboration is a great encouragement to many!

  2. I'm taking on bets on whether this next collaboration will also involve special mention of inidvidual letters. Perhaps G is for God? The consonant song?