Wednesday, May 19, 2010

when your tupperware lady is a man...

... you buy more.

I just bought $140 worth of plastic from the only straight tupperware guy in Brisbane.

I had to call up his wife to chat to her about a couple of products I was after. 

She had the knowledge, he had the charm. 

What a team!


  1. maybe I should team up with my wife and sell Avon with her...and no questions would be asked, if I only wore pastels.

  2. So how many items of tupperware did you actually get for you $140? I like tupperware, but the price is a bit inhibiting.

  3. Great idea Jeff!

    Mel - not much for $140. I bought a bit and deep square container for carrying cakes etc, a round thing with sections for carrot sticks, dip, etc (very useful for morning teas at church etc) and a mystery pack where I paid $25 and will get $75 worth of tupperware (hoping to score some basic containers).