Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Middlemarch - The Quiz!

What do you do when you've just finished an epic book but aren't willing to put it away yet?

That's right, you blog on it.

And after you've done that, you make a quiz to inflict on your blog readers.

Come on! Humor me!

Find out which Middlemarch woman you are!
(guys welcome!)

(Post your result in the comments.)


  1. I got Dorothea, but my result doesn't count because I knew which answers to avoid.

  2. While I was over on that site, I did a quiz on 'are you a virtuous woman?'

    I scored 27%

    Quality stuff. I lost points for preferring American idol to a cooking or sewing show and for saying that I spend most of my time dreaming instead of praying.

  3. I got Dorothea - I am quite pleased, thank you!

  4. I want some honest soul to get Rosamond! Andrew got Mary.

  5. I got Mary too. And I didn't know what answers to avoid - I haven't read the book.

  6. Celia. Was she the good looking one?

  7. Those who have read the book know that Dorothea is the best outcome. Mary is hardworking, sensible, controlled, and good. Celia is Dorothea's sister - much more conventional (you must marry a man from a good family who is handsome and rich) and less pretty than D. Sorry Al!

  8. I got Mary, which I see is the most common at the moment. Although seeing that only 27 people have attempted the quiz, the results aren't statistically significant.

  9. I did the virtuous woman test - that's atrocious and my score was atrocious! Because I don't have a family to stay home and take care of and cook for I picked alternatives like "socialising", which is clearly wicked.