Tuesday, May 25, 2010

virtuous character of a woman quiz

Who cares about virtuous character? I scored Dorothea in my Middlemarch quiz!

(Come on! Do my quiz! (It doesn't matter if you've not read Middlemarch.))


  1. Hahaha - you know it's going to be bad when it starts with "This quiz is not a means of condemnation".

    Whoever wrote that has a very narrow definition of what constitutes a virtuous woman... and it doesn't include single women, those who aren't into cooking (or have husbands more into cooking than they are) or those who, gasp, go to where the 'sinners' go. Oh, dear.

  2. I got Dorothea...

    ...and 17 out of 100.

  3. Anika - clearly you need to pray more!

  4. I was Mary...sigh...feeling a bit uninteresting after that.

    And 27 out of 100 for me. But I agree with Laetitia that that quiz has a very dodgy design.