Monday, May 24, 2010

no time to blog...

... I'm reading Middlemarch.

It's long, I'm a slow reader, and I'm hooked.

So many bloggable passages, but I don't want to stop reading to blog them!

(Off to work now. Silent reading time, anyone?)


  1. I so love that book! I remember stuggling through the first 100 pages or so as she introduced all the characters, then being drawn in like I was being sucked down the plughole into their world.

  2. Just re-reading it myself! Her descriptions of human personality and behaviour just make me squirm - so often recognise myself!

  3. It was given a very big rap in the A2 culture Magazine on the weekend Age (and I assume SMH) just gone.

  4. Just finished! Now I can continue my life.

    Her characters are amazingly real. I'm squirming too.

  5. Oh no! What am I am going to have to blog about if you start quoting George Eliot? :)