Sunday, May 16, 2010


My foot started hurting on the 11th of December last year. It's hurt pretty constantly since then.

But lately I've not been noticing it quite so much. I've only been limping some of the time. I've not had to sit down so much. I've only cried out at the stabbing pain a couple of times this last week.

But I'm sick of it being sore.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to pretend it doesn't hurt. According to the physio I will probably not do any more damage. It is just pain. I can handle it. Tomorrow I'm going for a jog. Tuesday I might do some jumping. Wednesday I think I'll jog again.


  1. Go and see Kym Finch at Redcliffe, I reckon she can help you. She has developed a system of treatment that is much gentler and more effective than physio (I know, because I am one!) and she treated me, with fantastic results. I just checked her website and there are other certified practitioners now, but I think it would be worth a trip to Redcliffe! Jo C