Thursday, June 7, 2012

work work work

work work work work.

It's all I ever do.


  1. Did you get those sets painted?
    Hang in there, it's only another couple of weeks till the end of term, isn't it?
    We were up in your neck of the woods today, Rosie had to see an eye specialist in rooms on Sandgate Road. She has to wear glasses for the next few months to see if that fixes up a turned eye. We also rediscovered the joys of Toombul shopping centre, amazing how much of it hadn't changed since 2005!

  2. You should have popped in and looked at my sets! Hope Rosie's eye turns out okay. Does she hate the glasses?

  3. We're sorting out the glasses with our local optometrist (lady from church who first pointed out the turned eye to me....I had thought it looked a bit funny but she confirmed the fears) next week.
    I'm not looking forward to the glasses bit at all. Toddlers break stuff a bit too often and replacing them won't come cheap, I'm sure....
    Our satnav took us past Eagle Junction shops on the way there but not being too familiar with the suburb, I'm not sure where the school is in relation to there?