Friday, June 8, 2012

musical set 1

I may have done some of this while I was doing supply work today.

Silent reading anyone?

This is three canvases that will be hinges together.

A very kind and able mum is doing up one with the Old Woman Who Lived in  a Shoe's house.

We had a working bee today after school. 16 sheep outfits were made.

I still need a haystack (for Little Boy Blue), a wall (for Humpty) and some trees for Little Bo Peep's sheep to hide behind.


  1. Nice. I love the way your school parents work together for this kind of stuff. Our school has a high school band from down south somewhere coming up next week for a tour and we got home from Brisbane yesterday to a note that said only four of the 40 people coming have had volunteers offer to billet them. This is pretty much what always happens when requests of this kind go out. They said the students will only go in pairs but we only have one spare bed I am thinking I will offer the one we have and see if they'll take it....
    Sorry for the whinge. I'm sure someone will come through with your other props. A bale of sugar cane mulch would probably make a good haystack. And I'm really impressed with 16 sheep outfits in a couple of hours after school :)

  2. I always go in with very low expectations of what others will offer to do. Hate being disappointed. This time I made up a list of all the things that I'd like help with. I had about 10 responses out of my choir of 50 kids. Thought that was pretty good.