Tuesday, June 26, 2012

car trip sound track

I'm looking for stuff to listen to. All up, we'll be doing 40 hours of driving in the next 11 days + extra because of roadwork.

Buying more music today. Suggestions?

Don't assume any suggestion is too old or too obvious. Forty hours is a lot.


  1. My kids have been obsessively listening to Mark P's The Name of Love for months. It's very cute watching Sean, aged all of 5 now, fall asleep at night with earbuds in and his no-frills MP3 player clutched in his hands!

    Heard Lanie Lane's To the Horses? It's different...

    Not music, but if you can get Lynn Redgrave's audio book of Prince Caspian, it's brilliant. She does every voice, all different, just amazing storytelling.

  2. "Best of James Taylor" - the soundtrack to my childhood driving holidays.

  3. Have you ever checked out The Civil Wars' Barton Hollow or Josh Ritter's So Runs The World Away?
    Both have recently expanded their track lists and are great value.

  4. An audio book. I listened to most of the first Harry Potter book on my recent solo trip to Dalby. More expensive than music but great for passing long periods of time.

  5. The waifs are always my favourite traveling music

  6. I quite like The Waifs too....

  7. Choirboys
    Bob Evans
    Jimmy Webb
    Idea of North
    Joni Mitchell
    James Taylor
    Neil Young
    Sara Groves
    Missy Higgins

  8. Have you come across 'The Donut Man' before? It's American but a favourite of mine from childhood but my folks enjoyed it too. He was an evangelical (has since become a Catholic) with lots of great biblical stuff.

    The CDs are all themed to pick up on different doctrinal or Christian living issues. My fave CDs were Good News, Good Shepherd, Love Letter, With All My Heart and Follow the Leader.


  9. Check out noisetrade.com for some free (but good) stuff.
    Gungor, The Rend Collective, Zac Hicks...

    Check them out on Spotify first.