Thursday, June 21, 2012

More blog silence.

I feel like I haven't written an interesting post for about 12 months. Thinking about lots of stuff, much of which can't be shared - though I'd love to.

Yesterday was recorder concert day for my year 4s. I set my classroom up with a stage area and chairs and sent invites to parents. Each kid had to play a song from one of their books - they got to choose how hard a piece to play. I accompanied them on piano. Out of 100+ kids, I only had about 10 Lucy Lockets and a handful of Hot Cross Buns. Some kids played really impressive stuff. Only one child refused to play (but he refuses to do most things). Only one other couldn't play her song. It was all pretty bearable and each concert was over within half an hour. A great way of getting kids to practice. Last week I was despairing over them.

Today, my junior choir (year 2-3, plus a couple of brilliant year ones) performed the Gingerbread Man mini-musical. It was fun. They were great. The thing about working with primary aged kids (particularly at my school) is that they'll do stuff. No nerves or embarrassment issues to work through. It's cool because I say it is. Standing up in front of 400 people with a microphone and singing a solo is just what you do.

I have the best job.

Hopefully blog on something else soon.

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  1. Glad it all went well and that you all had fun :)
    Agree that there is nothing like having a performance coming up to get some practice happening. We had two solid days of listening to a basic version of Trumpet Voluntary over and over again last weekend. And after all that he didn't make the cut for the duet for the local eisteddfod :(
    Chris said to the trumpet teacher (school principal) yesterday that by the time it was over we should rename it the Trumpet Involuntary....