Friday, June 22, 2012

A Fantastic Day.

1. I got Joel's WISC scores back. He no longer has a learning disability! Amazing! His lowest results jumped significantly - Processing speed went from the 16th percentile (3.5 years ago) to the 42nd percentile now (almost normal!). Working memory went from the 42nd percentile to the 91st percentile!!!! His highest - verbal comprehension - went from the 98th percentile to the 97.7th! These numbers aren't meant to move much so we're not sure what's going on... but we're happy. These new numbers have made me rethink our spelling strategy for the future. My current theory is that Joel can't spell because he was taught all the spelling rules at a stage when he wasn't able to learn them (he couldn't even read then. At all.) Now he is in a position to learn so I need to go back to year 2 and teach him the basics.

2. My classroom got lovely ash coloured blinds fitted. They look great.

3. I did 3 hours of supply during which time I made a lovely necklace, played dominoes, watched Mao's Last Dancer, and had a nice morning tea.

4. At midnight I worked out some stuff about congregational music and personality that I've been thinking about for the last couple of months. I've found some psych research that gives the perfect approach to think about it and language to talk about it - preferences etc. I want to write it up properly... You'll hear more.

5. Just had lunch out with Andrew.

6. About to go and buy holiday reading books for the kids.

7. My parents-in-law are coming over for dinner.

8. Holidays start this afternoon!


Hope you are all having good days too.


  1. Happy days ahead :) Hope you have a lovely holiday break.
    Great news on the test scores too. Look forward to hearing how your new strategy for teaching spelling goes.

  2. That's great Simone. Sounds like it was definitely worth doing the WISC again! Fantastic.

  3. Jolly good news. Except for the bit about you lot getting holidays before us!

  4. That's awesome news about Joel's scores! Wow. I would be doing cartwheels! You probably are. :)

  5. sounds like a miracle with Joel. great news.

  6. Hey, great to hear about Joel's scores. Lovely way to start the holidays. Have fun!

  7. Terrible news that Joel's verbal comprehension dropped .3 percentile. *Ahem*. Fantastic news, we're so glad for you guys, especially Joel. God is good.

  8. That was actually a typo. It went up to the 99.7th.