Tuesday, June 5, 2012

junior choir mini musical

So I've written this little musical for my little kids about the gingerbread man. Okay. Written might be too strong a word. Pieced together. Typed up. Basic story? A little old man and a little old woman bake a gingerbread man who runs away from them. In his travels he meets a truckload of nursery rhyme characters, all of whom sing a song before finding that they can't catch him. Finally he meets a fox who sings a song and does catch him. The story is a tragedy.

The aim of the whole thing was to include as many songs as possible and as many parts as possible with as few lines to remember as possible. There a ten soloists, a narrator, a bunch of sheep (belonging to Bo Peep), a crowd of naughty children (belonging to the Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe), a troop of soldiers (The Grand Old Duke's 'Men'), and a few random animals to muck around in Boy Blue's corn. Parts for about 50 kids in all.

For sets I've bought 5 canvases which Andrew will hinge together in sets of two and three. I got them on special at the shops and felt pretty good about it until I got home and realised that being able to draw a 1.5x2cm biro sketch on my church notice sheet is not the same as being able to paint five big canvases. I'm having a prop making working bee after school on Thursday. Need to source some talent before then.

Here's part of my fox song. The tune is a minor version of 'this old man'.

I’m a fox, sleek and smart
A cunning mind, an ice cold heart
When I decide what I would like for lunch - 
A flick, a snap and gobble, crunch!
I look around, what do I see?
A gingerbread man just right for me!
with a flick, a snap, a gobble and a crunch
I will eat him for my lunch.

sar 2012


  1. Simone, I'm dumbstruck. You really do get a LOT done!!

  2. Another one wondering how you find the time to do all these "little" musicals....and I'm assuming this will be performed before the term is finished as well?

  3. It really is little. Don't overestimate how much effort it took. I've only written a couple of songs for it - and really just the lyrics for those and they are nothing flash. The rest of the songs are just nursery rhymes. And this is my job (kind of.)

    It's to be performed to parents and the lower school on the last thursday of term.

  4. I like the twist of alternating the last two lines, but will little kids remember that or will they want to make them the same?