Thursday, June 28, 2012


Pop died today. I need to write it. To keep on saying it. 101 years is such a long time - and yet, still a flash.

We got the news - I was with my sister in Rockhampton - and I had to leave very soon afterwards to pick Andrew up from the airport and keep driving north.

Silly time to have planned a holiday.

Andrew got into the car and I started looking at the clock. Just one hour ago and he was still breathing! He was close to us still - just a few minutes away! But time keeps moving. It's night now. We're 500kms further north and he's 8 hours further away. And getting swept further back into the past. What does it matter if he lived for more than a century? Time is a rip.

Please pray for my grandmother. After a marriage of 75 years, she is alone.

Three months ago I had 3 living grandparents. Now I'm down to one.


  1. Thoughts and prayers from here. Take care as you're driving...

  2. Hi Simone, sorry to hear of this and for your sadness. May God fill you with his grace and comfort, and the rest of the family too.

  3. Hey Simone, just prayed that your grandmother and the rest of the family will comforted at this time.

  4. I'm sad to hear that news.

  5. Thinking of you Simone. Not easy.