Tuesday, June 26, 2012

thoughts on music etc

My thoughts on music, gender, styles etc. are coming along nicely. Don't want to post too much here in case I spoil things for the three people coming to the conference.

I have 2 hours for my seminar. How does this sound? Does it sound like something you'd like to come to?

Hour 1: Music and personality theory
Doing a personality test and marking it (15 minutes) (need to do this before I explain any more - otherwise will get skewed results)
The song choice dilemma
The nfc, nfe theory
Application to music at church
The song quadrant
Classifying songs - activity
Choosing songs for church

Hour 2: Four practical tips for giving a song broader appeal
Hands on - people will play/lead/introduce/sing a couple of songs. We'll try to make them sound good and have wider/different appeal.


  1. Are you talking about choosing songs for a church's stable, or choosing songs for a particular service?

    If it's both, I'd expect hour one to blow out a fair bit.

    Which is a shame, because I suspect hour two stands to make the biggest impact...

    Although if there's only three people, you might be able to keep it under control ;-)

  2. Good feedback.

    Truthfully, I can't imagine there being more than a handful of people there. I do the seminar twice and there's about ten other options. The more I think about it, the more I'll be surprised if anyone comes. http://www.gaawomensministry.com/upload/workshops.pdf

    There is a break between the two hours which will help me to be disciplined. For the 'choosing songs for church' bit, I'm not doing it thoroughly, just relating it to what I've been talking about. Whatever happens, I think I need to keep the second hour as it is.

    1. Don't hear me advocating for less attention for the second hour!

      And without being picky, your response still didn't really clarify for me what 'choosing songs for church' means! I can figure it out, but I'll whine about it just because excessive clarity about what you're saying in that first hour would help avoid miscommunication and false assumptions et al.

  3. It does sound good, but like Anthony, I think there might be a fair bit to cover in it.
    I would find it interesting to hear, but I'm not sure if it would be personally relevant because I have pretty much no say in song choice or introducing new songs at church....that happens higher up the chain.

  4. The second hour could still relate - it's about working with the song that you've been given.

  5. No, stronger than that - we all need to understand what we're doing in church. If I understand why a particular song is placed where it is, from my innate grasp of the point of music in church, I will sing/play it the right way.

    Nothing worse (well, perhaps world hunger etc) than someone blasting out their repentance, or whispering their excitement.

  6. I choose all the songs at our church. Just not from a very, shall we say, large stable.

    I'll be there. That might make 4 people.