Friday, June 1, 2012

just so everyone knows....

Developing means not yet developed. Fine on a prep report. Not good on a year 7 report.

Developing well, however, is goodish. We're not yet entirely there, but I'm pleased with the direction in which things are moving. Hopeful that we'll arrive in good time for... Next year's report? Adulthood?

For me, basic is a variant of limited or developing.

Some means not much.

An example:

Roy can perform C major and minor scales, maintaining some level of accuracy. His duet, "Lightly Row", was performed to a basic standard. His sight reading skills are developing. Roy has demonstrated a limited understanding of music theory.

So what does Roy get overall?


  1. Don't you wish sometimes you could skip all the PC language and just come straight out and say they're completely stuffed??

  2. Roy is not very good at playing scales. His duet, "Lightly Row", was pretty much guess work. He can't read music and really doesn't get the whole theory thing. His results are poor because of his complete failure to listen in class or practice at home. D. And I'm being generous.

  3. I was going to say D too. Can you say something about what he needs to do for the coming semester? "Increased attentiveness in class and regular practice at home is necessary if Roy is to improve and achieve a satisfactory (higher?) standard of competence."

  4. Totally depends how long he has been learning for, and how much effort he has put in.

  5. This post came to mind this afternoon when reading my girls report cards. Wondering what the teacher really thinks.
    Part of strings comment. She is having difficulty with posture and bow control but is achieving well in her note reading. I suspect thaT more attention to her instrument hold in home practice will assist in improving her skills.
    I read that as she should really do some practice at home, and that the teacher is pretty sure she isn't doing any.
    Do you think I'm close?

  6. Possibly not. Note reading is a good sign of home practice. Posture and bow control are biggies with strings. I suspect what the teacher is saying is "Please remind her to hold her instrument properly!"