Monday, June 18, 2012

sing anything audio

I wrote this with my year 7s last week - each class did a verse. Recorded it up with a student at lunch time today. It's slow and boring but her voice is pretty in spots.

What do you think?

My year 6s had their turn today. Their song has grunt. Here are the lyrics:


1. Ev’ry day I’m wakin’
To the greasy smell of bacon
Ev’ry second waitin’
For a slice of scrumptious bacon
Bacon, Bacon
The taste can’t be mistaken
Bacon, Bacon
I love it, I’m not fakin’
2. I like it when it’s hot
Still oinking on the plate
Eat it all yourself
Or share it with a mate
3. Cook it up with eggs
Add tomato sauce
A food fit for the gods
Eat with no remorse
Bacon, Bacon
It’s even got a minecraft mod