Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Verbs for the Christian life

The three verb tag line seems all the rage for churches these days. Our church uses 'connect, grow, serve' which we stole from the book Simple Church. The church down the road is just launching 'reach, teach, care'. I quite like hear the word, live the word, share the word. (I made that one up.)

But they are for church.

What 3 verbs would you choose to define your own christian life?

A friend suggested suffer, pray, endure, which is quite nice I think, but wouldn't work so well for a church. 'Suffer, Pray and Endure at St. Simone's Presbyterian Church.' Um. No.

So friends. Verbs.

Throw them at me.


  1. OH, Simone! 'Suffer, Pray and Endure at St. Simone's Presbyterian Church.' That's hilarious!

  2. Our Melbourne church had 'Love Jesus. Live like Jesus. Lead others to Jesus.'

    Now they've got 'Jesus. Teamwork. Growth.'

  3. Struggle, Pray, Repeat for me.

    Our church one is wordy....Go Out. Call In. Train Up. Hand Down. Connect Grow Serve does seem to be the trend at the moment though.

  4. It is very hard to come up with one that doesn't sound corny (come think believe) or like you are running a motivational seminar (Think Believe Achieve). The "Suffer Pray and Endure" would be a great one for a church sign outside, or maybe to provoke some community interaction.

  5. Ha ha, I love "suffer, pray, endure" but perhaps its taking truth in advertising a little too far. "Justify, Sancitify, Glorify" would be sure to confuse anyone not familiar with church and so ensure an easy life for the parishioners and the minister. Our church says "gather, know, grow, give, go" which is too many for you but at least they're short and extend the same meter.

  6. Persevere, enjoy ... and share

    ('enjoy' referring to God and his blessings; and 'share' referring to the gospel and our lives (aka 1 Thessalonians 2:8) )

  7. believe

    keep 'em coming.

  8. ask seek knock - oh, wait, I've read that somewhere before...

  9. For some reason my cynical side quickly shuts the gates when I encounter these sorts of little catch cries that churchesmake. They immediately remind me of some corporation who is trying to market themselves. I do see good in them, but yeah, they do irk me. Our church has stuff about reaching and serving and building I think.

    Ummm... Turn. Worship. Rejoice?

  10. overcome, remember, repent...

    Not so much a progression as a interwoven spiral, rainbow type effect. But now I've moved us into colours and that's a whole 'nother thing! ;)

  11. Repent, believe, rejoice

    I'm with Ben. Can't stand this stuff.

  12. It came to me in a moment of brilliance. It's not three verbs but it's absolutely right. "St Simone's Presbyterian Church - journeying together" You know you love it.