Friday, September 14, 2012

Piano practice paying off

I can play the first 5 pages pretty well now. I'm feeling satisfied. It's easy once you've learned it - like most things, I guess. Makes me realise how lazy I've become. Kind of lost the ability to read treble and bass clefs at the same time. Non guitar keys were also freaking me out. But how can I play that? There's all these black dots on the page! There's flats in the key signature and there are no chords written! It's IMPOSSIBLE!

But my motto this week (stolen from school) has been YOU CAN DO IT!

I've had a clear objective (not embarrassing myself and wrecking the kids' concert). I've had good blog community support. I've shown good organisation skills in not loosing my music (a common problem for me) and in planning my time. I've been persistent. I've given effort and worked tough. Now I'm looking at taking the risk of playing it while children are singing. But even if I mess up I will still accept myself and be proud of my effort.

Man. I'm a walking life skills lesson!

Unfortunately my viola practice has been on hold to compensate. Will I ever catch it up. Probably not. It's all bad.

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