Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Finished! Done! Finally!

After 30 different tunes and 50 lyric versions, My Heart Delights is now recorded up. This is fantastic because it means I don't have to do another edit of it ever. Can't wait to hear it.

Thanks for all your comments along the way. They made a difference.

My heart delights
1. My heart delights
    that God would leave his throne,
    and come to earth
    to claim us as his own.
    O love divine
    Clothed in this flesh of mine!
    God in our form
    A child was born.

    Jesus, Lord through all the ages
    God from God and light from light
    Came from heaven, brought salvation
    Be alone my heart’s delight.

2. My heart delights
    that God would give himself
    He sought no power, 
    no honor and no wealth
    What love, what grace!
    To suffer in my place.
    Upon the tree
    of Calvary.

3. My heart delights
    that I can live for him
    and serve the one
    who freed me from my sin.
    Lord light your fire!
    Become my one desire!
    My hope, my might
    My heart’s delight.

sar 2012


  1. So...I think I've got this. It's done, so your heart delights? ;-)

    Bring on the album :)