Saturday, September 29, 2012

Silly Suzie and the Razzle Dazzle Party

Here is my kids' talk for tomorrow morning. (It's on James 1:22-24). Here's a powerpoint of my visuals. I'll have on the screen for the adults to look at, but I'll use the actual visual in front of the kids.

Silly Suzie and the Razzle Dazzle Party

Once upon a time there was a girl called Suzie. Here she is. Can you say hello to Sizie?

Suzie was excited. She was going to a razzle dazzle party! She needed to dress up in her best razzle dazzle clothes. Here they are. A razzle dazzle watermelon skirt, A matching watermelon shirt, shiny shoes, racey razzle dazzle socks, and a bit of bling - a sparkly necklace. Do you think those things will make her look razzley dazzley enough? 

I think Suzie will look great.

Okay Suzie. Time to get dressed.

But when Suzie started to get dressed, things started to go wrong. 

She put on her razzle dazzle watermelon skirt, but... look what she’s done! Silly Suzie! It’s upside down! And her matching watermelon shirt? It’s crooked! 

Next, her racey razzle dazzle socks. What’s she doing? She’s put them on her hands!

Now for her shoes. Oh no!

Surely she can’t go wrong with the necklace...

Well, maybe she can!

Silly Suzie! She doesn’t look like she’s ready to go to the party, does she?

‘There,’ she said. ‘I’m all ready for my razzle dazzle party. But before I go, I’ll just take a quick look in the mirror just to make sure I look all right.’

So Suzie stepped in front of her mirror and when she saw herself, she got a surprise. She saw that her skirt was on upside down, her shirt was crooked, her socks were on her hands, her shoes were on the wrong feet, her necklace was around her ear, her ear rings were on her elbows...

‘Dear me.’ She said. ‘I look a fright! I need to get fixed up!’

But as soon as Suzie stepped away from the mirror, do you know what happened? She forgot what she looked like and went to the razzle dazzle party just as she was. With her clothes on all wrong! She forgot what she saw in the mirror!

So Suzie went off to the party. Do you know what happened when she arrived? Suzie’s friends were all in their special razzle dazzle clothes but when they saw Suzie, they stopped what they were doing and they stared. Oh my goodness! Suzie! Didn’t you look in the mirror!

[But she did look in the mirror, didn’t she. She just forgot what she saw.]

Suzie’s best friend Belinda knew just what to do. She took Suzie by the hand, took her into the bathroom and helped her get fixed up.

She looks better now, doesn’t she?

Suzie was silly. She looked in the mirror and saw that her clothes were wrong, but straight away forgot. She didn’t fix them up!

Very silly.

Did you know that sometimes we can be just as silly as Suzie.

Listen to what the bible says. 

“Anyone who hears God’s word but doesn’t do what it says is like someone who looks at themselves in a mirror and then goes away and forgets what they look like.” 
You see, the bible shows us what Jesus is like. It shows us how Jesus is kind and loving and brave and good. 
But it’s also a little bit like a mirror. It shows us what we’re like. We see how we’re not like Jesus. We can get angry. We can be unkind and unloving.
When the bible shows us what’s wrong with us, what should we do? Should we just walk away and forget about it? No! That would be silly. We need to remember what the bible says and do something about it. We should say ‘Jesus is kind, so I’m going to try to be kind too.’ 
If I read the bible and then just forget about it, then I’ll be silly like Suzie. And I don’t want that, do I?
Let’s pray.
Dear God,
Please help us not to be forgetful like silly Suzie. Please make your word stick in our minds so that we can change and be more like Jesus.


  1. Or you could make a fool of someone else who doesn't exist. That's good too. ;-)

  2. Anthony, if you did this talk, you could be Silly Suzie and get dressed up in Razzle Dazzle clothes! That would work!

  3. Ha ha, there's something in the Brisbane water. Our children's talk yesterday was on the same verse and the person doing it brought a mirror with her and then put her lipstick on crooked. The kids thought it was a hoot, and got very agitated until she cleaned it off. How did yours go?