Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kids' talk this weekend

Between RE and Sunday School, I think I'd give at least 25 kids talks a year. Maybe up to 40. I'm not new to this.

But this weekend I have to give a talk to a group of kids I don't know at all. Complete strangers. There's likely only a few of them but I've got no idea if they will be toddlers or pre-teens. And they won't know me.

Preparing this talk has made me realise how much I depend on kids liking me. All of the kids at school know me and I have a reputation for being fun and exciting (and sometimes a bit growly - but in an 'I love you but you are driving me mad' way.) Because the kids are on side with me, most things work.

But what if these kids think 'Who is this random and why's she talking to us?'

What do I do then?


  1. That would feel strange....but I think kids are pretty okay with anyone talking to them so I don't know that they'll find it as weird as you do. Our church hasn't had kids talks for a month or two now :( (getting ready to do new church plant so kids talks have temporarily been given the flick to streamline our service so our minister will be able speed up the road and repeat his sermon at the new place) so if anyone got up to do one here, I think there would be excitement all round.
    Where is yours happening?

  2. Take a bag of minties with you. I have just done a couple of relief Scripture lessons and interspersed the content with short games that involved minties...balancing, tearing the paper into the longest strip, reading a bit of the story out loud with a mintie between your teeth, how many times can you throw it up in the air and clap and catch it again in a minute etc etc. Completely won over and good content delivered in between.

  3. Or you could just resolve to make a fool of yourself in some ways. Kids will always be glad to let you do that...!