Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Piano Practice

To be honest, I haven't done any real piano practice for 20 years.

All pop songs are the same.

All church songs are the same.

Most choir songs are wanna-be church songs or pop songs.

3 minutes work is enough to have most songs down.

But not this beautiful and difficult choir piece. John Rutter, where is the lazy pianist version? Where are the chords?

There is no way of getting around it, this piece requires the pianist to read the music. All twelve pages of it. Every bar is slightly different and it moves through 3 keys - only one of which is sensible.

I'm normally a follow the vibe kind of player. But the vibe of this piece is note perfect.

I've worked on this song for a couple of hours so far and still can only play it at half pace.

Okay Simone. Arm yourself with perseverance. This can be done. It can.

Do you play piano? I'll pay you $100 to play it for me.  


  1. Nice piece. Yep I'll take that gig.

  2. Hmm. I'm a bit tempted by your offer too. It sounds amazing. I've got a couple of weeks off coming up between end of semester and exam marking....do you think I could knock it over in that time?

  3. Where did you buy the music from?

  4. Ah I love John Rutter. "The Lord Bless You And Keep You" is my absolute favourite. That too is tough on pianists.

  5. Oh, and I can't help. No pianists in this house. Sorry. What's the occasion?

  6. It's beautiful. Persevere and you'll gain a great deal of satisfaction from your labour!

  7. I tried to learn it when I was singing it in choir at school. Never got it to performance standard though.

    When you can play it I'll sing it with you :)

  8. I'm almost certain I know the red-head bearded guy at 1:43.. a greek bass I did a pirate kids opera with!! (see a photo)

  9. One of the senior Catholic school choirs used to sing this in the Eisteddfod every year back when I was in high school. Brilliant. I have it on CD these days. It never gets old.

    Stick with the practice ... it'll be worth it surely!!!