Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ten things I love about my friend Tash

1. Tash is truly empathetic. Whatever I'm feeling, whatever I'm experiencing, Tash feels it along with me. This makes her a great confidant, a wonderful support and a fun friend.

2. Tash is committed to her kids in an inspiring way

3. Tash is real about her struggles as a parent.

4. Tash has talented and interesting kids. My kids like to be with them and I like to hang out with them too.

5. Tash married well. Andrew is great. Pretty much all of these items apply to him as well.

6. Tash does things thoroughly. She can be relied upon.

7. Tash is pretty. And she wears clothes well. [Shallow, I know, but true.]

8. Tash is good at her job and interested in it. I like to hear what she's doing at work.

9. Tash is very good at looking out for other people.

10. Tash is committed to my Lord, Jesus. This means that she's a friend I'll get to hang out with forever.

Happy Birthday.

x years is just the start!


  1. Simone - you lovely friend. Tash.

  2. Don't be bashful Simone... there's nothing wrong with being over 40... the forties are fun I say :) [yep! you're officially over the hill now Tash]. One day you'll get there and have some real fun too Simone...

    Very sweet of you to say those things about her too Simone!


  3. What a lovely post Simone, it's good to have friends like that :)

    And seconding Pete's post about the over 40 thing...wasn't really looking forward to being there this time last year, but it's turned out to be pretty good after all.