Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ticket tracking

I've become a little obsessed with tracking registrations for the TWIST conferences coming up next month. TWIST Brisbane is my baby, and it is tracking very well. The event is still 5 weeks away and we've currently sold the same number of tickets as we had 12 hours out from last year's event (which ended up as a full house). I'm imagining a graph of ticket sales... If we follow the same curve as last year, we can expect well over 1000 at TWIST this year. Not that it matters. There are only 500 seats.

Get in soon, peoples, or there will be tears.

Got to go trawl the rego site. Someone else might have signed up.

[Yep. One more. Why do I keep checking? You know what else is interesting? The registration habits of Sydneysiders vs Brisbanites. Sydney tends to have a big early influx, then doesn't move much until the last minute rush. Brisbane is much steadier - perhaps because we don't do the early bird thing. I'm not a fan of early-bird deals. They take the excitement out of ticket tracking.]


  1. Sounds like someone needs a 12-step plan...

  2. Our music team leader is supposed to be registering us as a group....hope that he has done it :)

  3. Hmm....I just discovered there aren't enough of us going for a group booking. Better go and work out how to do it.

    1. There are seven of us. I booked and paid for an individual ticket on Wednesday. So I'm in!