Saturday, July 23, 2011

robomaid just took it upon herself to clean the floor.

Who am I to complain?

We've had her for 3 weeks now.



  • The kids can operate her better than I can.
  • She shows initiative.
  • She works without me! (Until she gets stuck.)
  • With Robomaid on the job, the floor is always 70-80% clean. Like a day and a half after a major vacuum. 


  • She is slow. To keep the house pretty clean she has to be running for a few hours each day. Apparently this doesn't use much electricity.
  • She doesn't do corners well. (But if she is on a lot, dust tends to not gather in corners.)
  • She is needy. Her whimpering beep "I'm stuck! Help me!" gets on my nerves. My old vacuum never did that. I miss him.
  • She gets stuck under the lounge and chokes on our rug. All the time.
  • With Robomaid on the job, the floors are never 100% clean. Sometimes you want them to be.
  • She doesn't pick up stuff. (Some clip on hands would be a good addition.)
Worth the money? Not sure yet.

Ask in a month.


  1. I'd like to hear a longer term review as well....particularly re any increases in the electricity bill...
    The idea of not having to vacuum anymore is certainly appealing, but it doesn't sound like this completely eliminates the need to have a good vacuum sometimes?

  2. Not interested in something that vacuums for me. Now, if there was something on the market that cleaned my shower automatically, that would be a winner. Something like a smaller version of those pool creepy-crawlies but which sucked it's way up and down my glass doors and tiles until they gleamed without me having to do more than push a button. Please????