Saturday, July 16, 2011

boundaries? what are they?

A fb friend told us the other day about the troubles she's having with work ringing her on non-work days. She said that it's making it hard for her to set boundaries between work and the rest of her life.

It's got me thinking.

I've set up my life so as to minimise boundaries between work, church and family. We live across the road from where I work (and where the kids go to school) and down the road from church. I teach RE to the kids that I teach music to. I'm at school all the time with one thing and another. And two afternoons a week I have school kids over playing with our kids.

I'm not suggesting for a moment that my friend should do this. Her work and family situation is very different to mine. It wouldn't work at all for her.

It just got me thinking. Might be an extrovert thing.

I go to a coffee shop to escape.

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