Thursday, July 14, 2011

a hymn on hymns

1. in this hymn that I will write
inverted may each line be
much further on, the subject put
to hinder, thus the clarity.

2. one wonders why onto the end
of each line verbs are placeth
precarious they hang and I
am fearful they may falleth.

3. It, of course, is because the verb
of all words altered may be
a humble -eth or -oth be put
to make it rightly rhymey.

4. each word as written I can read
but who its meaning guesseth?
though schooling doth I have and more
I can’t, and I confesseth.

sar 2011

Inspired by The King Of Love My Shepherd Is


  1. Awesome! Seriously laughing out loud here.

  2. Thanks.

    I'm reading a lot of hymns at the moment. This was fun to write.

    Just changed a few words...

  3. Gold, Jerry, Gold!
    (Incidentally, my Aunty Ros in Chinchilla defied the trend of putting new music under the good old 'theological' words, by keeping the staid old hymn tunes and freely adapting the words. It struck me as hilarious when I was younger, but more sense than I allowed it to, it makes.)

  4. Been away; this made it worth coming back! ;-)