Monday, July 25, 2011

Koozzoo news

Have you heard of it?

A fb friend recommended that we all watch this. Do have a look. It's climate denier craziness. Everything is bad bad bad - one world government, the end of civilisation as we know it etc etc.

What surprised me was that the woman reading the story seemed sane. The material wasn't anywhere near sane, but this apparently well adjusted woman was reading it as if it were. Strange. So I did a little research. Here's how it works. You email them your draft script, a few images and $140. You pick the presenter you want, chose a background and template for the ad. They quickly polish up your script, read it and produce it to a studio quality piece. And they do a pretty good job. Craziness is presented with some credibility.


  1. You were once considered crazy if you believed the world was anything but flat. Now you are considered crazy if you think it is flat. Be careful what you believe, and do your homework first, or you may regret it.

  2. Hahaha, yeah, a fb friend posted it and thought it was a serious news report. As for it's content, it belongs with the 21/12/2012 mob.

  3. Simone, do you know where this Koozzoo co is/was based? Australia? or US or elsewhere?

  4. Thank you for doing the leg work, the technology has opened up information and mis-information to a huge extent -the best way to counter it could be by supporting 1 national network with legal obligations to report the truth, presenting well researched stories verified before airing -if people want to know something and have a trusted source to turn to without having to do background checks perhaps there is some hope for a well informed society...