Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Day

1. Another day. It’s not my prayer
That I should merely live,
To serve my saviour is my care
With every breath he gives.
Another day, a day of grace,
Another day to seek his face*,
Soon his glory we’ll see.

2. Another day, my knowledge small,
These earthly eyes see dim.
But it’s enough that Christ knows all,
And I shall be with him.
The darkest room he leads me through
Is one to him that isn’t new,
Soon his glory we’ll see.

If life be long, I will be glad!
If life be short, should I be sad?
Another day!
To live, to die is gain!
Each day that’s lived is one to serve,
Each night steps closer to the Lord.
Another day! Soon we will see! 

3. Come Jesus! You I long to meet
My eyes to finally see,
For if your work on earth is sweet
What will your glory be?
Wrapped in wonder, at your side
Clothed in white, a radiant bride
Soon your glory we’ll see.

sar 2011, from Baxter ‘Lord it belongs not to my care’

* Got to lose the grace/face rhyme. Cliche city!

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  1. How about...

    "Another day - it'll be ace."

    Just sayin'.