Friday, July 8, 2011

five lessons I've learned this week

- Camping makes no sense at all. We leave the comforts of home and civilisation, spend quite a lot of money (how many trip to anaconda were there?), spend many hours packing the car, putting up tents, pulling down tents, packing the car again, unpacking the car..., use yucky toilets, and get really cold, but somehow, it's fun. Go figure. 
- If your husband buys a camp kitchen gadget, he really wants to use it. Don't suggest that the gas BBQ 5 metres away would be easier.
- Let down your tyres, put the car into 4WD and put your foot down.
- Only guys from England swim in pink shorts. [Seriously, find a guy swimming in pink shorts and listen to his accent. I'm not wrong.]
- I can survive a few days without the internet.


  1. ...because, really, who knows where that BBQ's been?!

  2. I don't think packing/unpacking for a camping holiday is much different to a non-camping holiday...either way the car gets stuffed full, just with different stuff.

    As for tent the set-up/pack-up time, it all depends on how long you are camping in any one spot. For the one night here, couple of nights there kind of holiday (like you had) it is very important to the camping experience if the tent is quick to set-up/pull down - the more time spent on the tent, the less time to enjoy actually being in the spot (or less sleep as the case may be). Whereas if you are camping in the same spot for a week or more taking a while to set up doesn't matter so much and for some is part of the whole experience (although I don't think I've met many people who like the pack-up experience).

  3. Mel - you were right about the mobile thing at Lake Mackenzie. My phone beeped and I had a whole lot of emails. Wasn't strong enough to make a call or send anything though.

  4. Yeah, it's pretty flakey. But when your in your first trimester of pregnancy with all day morning sickness (thankfully without any vomitting) and you really don't want to hike the kms back to the barge in the soft sand (with a 10kg pack)...then you will persevere long enough until the call gets through to the island taxi service!