Tuesday, July 12, 2011

car stickers

Yesterday, Ben asked us what stickers we'd put on our car. I couldn't think of any at the time.

But now I know. I'd put on those family ones. You know - little cartoon characters representing each family member?

We'd have a dad, a mum, 3 kids, a dog and a robomaid vacuum cleaner.


  1. I've read hate articles about those stickers. Apparantly some people get very worked up over them. I'm fence sitting for the moment.

  2. Who gets worked up about family stickers? Am I just too dense to get the deeper meaning?

  3. I was surprised at the agro as well. I think the problem they had was percieved boastfulness, like 'look at me and my happy family, and at how many children i have'. Seems way too oversensitive and bitter to me.

  4. Yeah, it's when they add the cat too that people must get really cross. "What's that? You not only are married with three charming children?! You have a cat as well!!! That's the last straw."

    Maybe sticker people are just really forgetful and use it as a pre-trip check list. "Now have we got everyone? Two kids, dog....wait a minute...where's little Annie??"