Tuesday, July 26, 2011


1. Auto play is always wrong.

2. Midi auto play is criminal.

3. Organ midi auto play is a capital offence.

4. I know how to use a play button.

5. You want traffic to your site.

6. We can forgive bad fonting.

7. Most of us multitask.

8. It can take quite a while to locate the offending tab.

9. It doesn't mix well with P!nk.

10. If you don't, I'm going to start a competing site called "Cyberhymnal without the *&^@ing midi!"

Don't know what I'm talking about? Then turn up the volume and click here.


  1. Now me, I had to ask it to play the midi. I use Firefox on a PC with a NoScript add-on. :-)

  2. Not going to the link. I know what you mean. They sneak up on you too with their slow loading and it's about 15 seconds before the organ leaps out of your speakers and makes your breastfeeding child tear a certain part of your body almost clean off with terror.