Saturday, May 21, 2011

year 5 concert

Just one month till our super dooper year 5 concert! The kids are performing in groups of 5 or so, playing various things. A little uke band is playing and singing Fly Away, a boys group of ukes, drum, bass xylophone and recorder is playing Dynamite, some girls are playing Love Story on ukes and xylophones, there's Drunken Sailor by a xylophone ensemble, ukes playing Hey Soul Sister, more ukes playing I'm Yours, a couple of uke and percussion ensembles playing the Duck Songs, and two recorder ensembles having a go at the Imperial March (have a listen!)

These groups are in varying stages of readiness. I'm hoping for good things.
Each class will also be doing a full class item. Percussion ensembles. Lots of orff style xylophones etc. My brightest class will be playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. They got it in about 15 minutes.

My hard working, enthusiastic class will play The Lion Sleeps Tonight (I bought an arrangement from here.)

Joel's class was trickier to find something for. What do you do with a group that's not that great at reading music? One word: Ostinato. One kid has four bars of content. Most others will have one or two. Boring, but... here it is.

I don't know what to do with my need-a-bomb-put-under-them, unenthusiastic class. Ideas?


  1. I think I need to get some ukulele music from you have The Lion Sleeps Tonight or should I do the right thing and buy it instead of getting an illegal copy?

    I love the sound of the was my first instrument (I played it in the school band) so I still have a soft spot for all xylophone numbers.

    No help on the unenthusiastic class, but it sounds like for them the shorter the number the better?

    (PS. Really not trying to seek attention by continually pointing out my own blog posts in here, but I have some news there if you have time for a little look...)

  2. Wow Karen! Great news!

    Karen, there are chords for everything online. But just try messing round with C F and G till you find it. Most songs are really simple. LST = C F C G

  3. Thanks...will grab the chord chart and have a look (is G7 the same as G for finger position??). Next month is my month for teaching the littlies at church so I have already worked out "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock" and some of the Hello Song from J is for Jesus with only three chords. Pretty happy with that....

  4. G will do for g7. Or reverse the direction of the triangle - make the E string play F (1st fret) instead of G (3rd fret).

  5. I worked it out!! So much fun. Now I just need to work on my poor sensitive fingers aren't strumming loudly enough....