Saturday, May 7, 2011

I have a hundred things to do

I start teaching sunday school tomorrow. Don't have everything ready. (Don't really have much ready at all, except my map.) 

We've got two families coming over for lunch after church. There's no food prepared yet and the house isn't great... (Andrew assures me that it's tidier than most others he visits. That's probably because no one bothers to tidy up if it's only a guy coming round.) 

Think I'll go to bed. 


  1. That's telling isn't it - "That's probably because no one bothers to tidy up if it's only a guy coming round."

    Women do things to impress other women ('or rub their noses in'). We also tend to think that all males don't notice or care about a tidy house.

    Sadly, we're also more likely to judge and be judged by (or feel we'll be judged by) other women on the state of our abode, even though males in the house may be as much or more responsible for the state of the house.

  2. Hope you survived the day?

  3. I did thanks! A great day. Church + Sunday school, lunch guests, my parents, run, doctor who... now some time to myself. You?

  4. You've just reminded me that I need to call my Mum! Mothers' Day wasn't such a big deal here, we just did the usual. I got breakfast in bed yesterday though. Busy morning at church today, had to be there early since I'm playing this month. Chris and I cooked some dinner together this afternoon, that was fun.
    Off to watch some Masterchef this evening I think...
    Have replied to your 5 reasons post further down as well.

  5. Ha ha! Yesterday a fellow from church visited us. I did a vague tidy up but didn't stress too much. (When his wife had come around for morning tea a few months ago I made sure the house was very tidy as their house is immaculate and I didn't want her to think we lived in a pigsty.)

    During the course of the conversation we discovered that he is the person who tidies their house and his wife's lack of interst in housework and inability to see dust drives him crazy.


  6. You should read GTD.

  7. Stu - I take it that you are taunting me! I've read half of GTD. Hate it. Yet somehow, I'm surviving...