Monday, May 30, 2011

dreamteam wrap up

1. Carrazzo (DEF)117
2. Shaw (DEF)98
3. Broadbent (DEF)80
4. Duffield (DEF)120
5. Stanley (DEF)98
6. Lower (DEF)83
7. Puopolo (DEF)99
8. Mundy (MID)101
9. Griffen (MID)109
10. Cornes (MID)56
11. Liberatore (MID)26
12. Krakouer (MID)64
13. Atley (MID)36
14. Cox (RUC) (Capt)226
15. Goldstein (RUC)80
16. Sylvia (FWD)100
17. Westhoff (FWD)107
18. Chapman (FWD) (VC)95
19. Riewoldt (FWD)65
20. Cloke (FWD)81
21. Matera (FWD)31
1. McKernan (DEF) (Emerg)46
2. Gilbee (DEF)31
3. Retzlaff (DEF) (Emerg)64
4. Heppell (MID)0
5. Hibberd (MID)0
6. Polec (MID)0
7. McCauley (RUC)0
8. Bailey (RUC) (Emerg)57
9. Jetta (FWD)0
10. Duncan (FWD)0
11. Von Bertouch (FWD)0
12. Haren (FWD)0

A mixed weekend for the penguins. Some stunning performances and some shockers. Particularly dissapointed with Duncan, Liberatore, Atley, Matera and Reiwoldt. Consider yourselves sold or on the bench till you step up. We won in one league (by a mile) and lost (narrowly) in our other. In our family league, the Penguins remain champions. Andrew's team put on an awful show. Don't mention it to him unless you want to hear about all the injustices...

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