Tuesday, May 31, 2011

something I'm thankful for

Our kids know how to operate a sickie bucket.



  1. Funnily enough no-one ever high-lights the ability to be use the sickie bucket or make it to the bath-room when feeling ill as a moment that brings great relief and peace to a parent's life when their children finally master it.
    But they should.
    It's a step every parent really appreciates.

  2. Only one of ours can manage it so far, still waiting on the others. Hopefully cleanup will be a bit easier then.

    I hope you are all better soon.

  3. Too true...a long way to go here before everyone learns to manage the sickie bucket. Of course, as we learned over the weekend, availability of the sickie bucket is very important. Leaving it in the car when you are away from home is not a good idea.