Sunday, May 8, 2011

Am I stupid?

Finding the new series of Doctor Who hard to follow. Need to watch it again.


  1. First two episodes of series two of the new doctor? No, Stephen Moffat is clearly enjoying the possibilities of being at the helm of a show about time travel, and about what he calls 'fairy tales'.

    Between his attempts to capture the doctor's manic genius, his jumping the time around to give a sense of what time travel does, and the abilities of the Silence (like a variation on the angels - very fairy tale) you had to be well and truly on your game to follow the second episode. He's going to have to bring it back a notch for the standard episode methinks, as much as I enjoyed that second episode.

  2. Makes me feel better about last night's episode (which I wandered in on about half way through) if you're going, "hunh?" I was left wondering what made them say the line, "You should kill us on sight".

  3. I'm enjoying it. About to watch it again.