Sunday, May 15, 2011


When I have a new interest I really get into it. Lately it's been running. I'm not fast, but each time I've gone out for the last few weeks I've run further than I have before. This pattern feels good. I'm up to 9.2kms and am keen to crack the 10km mark soon. After that, I'd love to push on to 20kms. But these things shouldn't be rushed and I'm impatient. I've done three hour long runs in the last week which Andrew tells me is two too many*. Now I'm injured. I seem to have torn the tendon going up the right side of my lower left leg, just above the ankle. It hurts a lot.

If I'm sensible it should heal fairly quickly (7-10 days). But I'm usually not sensible.

Anyone want to run with me on Thursday?

* I should do one long run and two shorter runs (30-40 mins) apparently.


  1. Rest. Please rest and don't run for at least 7 days.

    Andrew is right. Biggest mistake new runners make is increasing mileage too quickly and then they get injured.

    I've run half marathons on 4 runs per week - 3x30-40 mins and 1 long run 14-18kms. Less really is more! Play with speed on the shorter runs, tempo and hills to make it more interesting. Increasing mileage is not the only way to go.

  2. I think you should submit to your husband's authority on this one....

  3. It's feeling heaps better today. I know I could run on it...

    But I won't.