Monday, May 2, 2011

Possums are evil

I'm making a big 3d papermache map for our Sunday school unit on exodus. I left it out on our deck to dry overnight, planning to do another papermache layer this morning. The possums ate mt horeb and much of the Sinai penninsula.

Don't care if they are native and protected. If it happens again I'll put something else in my glue.


  1. No, they're just accommodators. You'd do the same in their place ;-)

  2. Possum food? 'Cause they're soooo cute!

  3. I love the ambition of making a 3D papier mache map for Exodus. When we did an Exodus unit, I just bought a book from Koorong with bright coloured maps in it and showed it to the kids.... And kind of related, but mostly off topic, do you have any ideas for a craft (has to be pretty easy, it's for kids at the local special school) on Jesus calming the storm?

    With you on the possums. They might look cute but they can do a lot of damage if they move into the roof (not that it's your house, but still) as well as to anything that seems remotely food-like to them.

  4. Karen - Hmmm. Calming the storm. How about:

    1. You have a picture of a boat in a calm sea. The kids could colour it (or it could come already coloured.) Put it through the laminator. The kids draw on it with whiteboard marker or paint to make it look stormy. Then you wipe it off to make it calm again. The kids have to paint/draw/wipe their laminated sheet while you tell the story.

    2. Sim to #1 but you have a kind of flap thing. Calm sea underneath, clear plastic over the top that the kids decorate storm-like (permanent markers this time). Flip as you tell the story.

    3. Get a basic pic of a boat at sea. Stick cellophane on it to represent waves. Stick cotton wool for clouds (grey them up a bit) draw some rain etc.

  5. Anthony - you're right. At least they are doing something.

    Mark - Salt. Lots of it. Lethal dose perhaps.

  6. Thanks....all those ideas sound pretty good. They colour in most weeks (and some of them strongly dislike it, so they just don't do it!) so I was trying to move away from too much colouring, and thinking perhaps pasting might be a good substitute.
    We might act the story out as well.

  7. Those possums are cunning creatures. Our local one was steadily chewing into our roof despite everything we put to discourage it. The only thing that stopped it was an expensive stainless steel gutter guard. We were worried for a while though that it might reappear with an oxyacetylene torch...

  8. Sure it wasn't rats? They love paper and paste and plastic.