Friday, May 20, 2011

competition done.

It was okay. We came second last.

And second.

There were only 3 choirs in our heat.

The christian kids beat us. (As they should have. They get more singing practice.) They got 89%. We got 88%. The other choir got 87%. They gave us all silver awards. I think they grouped us with like choirs. I watched some of the heat before ours - two of the three choirs in that heat were seriously good.

I had arranged the kids into 5 rows. Every child had a row number and position number. The altos were at one end and the sops at the other. Something went wrong when they filed onto the stage and there were only 4 rows. The sops and altos were all mixed in together. I couldn't lead the different groups. I realised when it was too late to fix. I think everyone ended up singing anything.

But they behaved so well. Every eye on me all the time. All 58 of them. No wriggling. Champions.

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  1. And now you have done this once, you can enter heaps more competitions and get better and better at it. Glad they behaved themselves, anyway. That is always a good start.