Saturday, October 30, 2010


Packing is going excellently well. I'm quite excited about it.

This morning I was contemplating spending quite a bit of money buying boxes. ($292.26.) Then the good people at BWS, MacDonalds, Subway, and Mitre 10 kindly donated many, many near-new boxes to our cause. The buzz of saving money got the day off to a great start.

I've now packed all the books in the house. Too bad if anyone wants to read anything. The boxes are labelled precisely - "Bookshelf A, box 4. LHS middle shelf." And there is a helpful picture illustrating exactly where the books should go. Nathan is at the age where he is very useful. He managed to carefully pack all the books from his room (3 boxes) while keeping up with his Saturday ABC News 24 schedule (all work stops during Foreign Correspondent.) The kids also packed the dvds and videos, returning each to its correct case. The cds were a huge job. I still have 15 cds without cases and 20 cases without cds. How does this happen?

All up, we've packed 37 boxes. Here's what remains: (written for my benefit)
- Bedroom cupboards (not clothes). The kids and mine will be fast because I've already cleaned them out. Andrew's will be a task.  (Sunday)
- games chest (Sunday)
- Desktop computer and desk
- Bathroom cupboard
- Bedroom misc
- Linen cupboard
- Pictures off walls
- clothes
- kitchen
- laundry
- the horrible mess that is 'under the house'

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