Saturday, October 9, 2010

5 thoughts on eat pray love

I saw this movie last night with some friends from work. Here are 5 thoughts.

1. It felt very long. Knowing that we had to do Italy, India and Bali before the movie could end wasn't helpful.
2. It was preachy. Painfully so. And cliche.
3. The music was overwhelming.
4. The real issue is what to do when you feel restless with life and relationships.
5. At the end of the movie, Julia Roberts' character was no better equipped to deal with the real issue than she was at the beginning. It was good, though, that she learned how to forgive herself. Will come in handy when she screws up this new relationship.

Anyone else seen it?


  1. Have you read the book? It is soooooo painful. I went into the movie with incredibly low expectations that were greatly exceeded because:
    * Julia Roberts is great and winsome- it's hard not to like her;
    * The scenery is spectacular, so it's easy to watch;
    * The idea of finding yourself is so romantic and women want to believe it is possible; and
    * the notion of forgiveness is also attractive.

  2. I couldn't finish the book. She was so self-obsessed that it became too annoying to keep going. I don't think I could cope with two hours of movie in the same vein.
    Today we went to see with Dinner with Schmucks (in Gold Class). Not brilliant but one of the cleverer comedy movies I've seen for a while.