Monday, October 4, 2010

$206 vet visit

Ouch! We could almost buy ourselves a new dog for that much!

Our poor little pup has bacterial and yeast infections in her ears, paws, tummy and round her mouth.


  1. We spent four figures after our dog got rat poisoned. Gaa!

    Believe me if it had been up to me I would have kept the dollars and enjoyed using the space where the dog used to be. Don't tell Fifi.

    Almost worth an Ezra Pound couplet. ;-)

  2. Four figures?!?

    We need to bath Arry every day for the next couple of weeks with this special stuff, clean out her ears and put drops into them, and given her antibiotics. In two weeks we need to go back to the vet with more $$$.

    Some kind of pet medicare is needed.

    I'll think about the couplet!

  3. Get a cat, they're cheaper. Two visits, one after hours, only $114. I think Bell has the cheapest vet in Australia.

  4. sponsor a child, its cheaper